This kalasam is an expounded creation, carved with nuances of ideas. There is a saying that according to kundalini Yoga, the kundalini shakthi is in a form of a serpent and has a head and tail. Kundalini Shakthi, for beginners, has the tail at the top and head at the bottom while for advanced the tail goes to the bottom and head to the top, making people experience a plethora of tranquillity. Here in this Kalasa, the serpent signifies the kundalini shakthi and the Goddess facing the eight sides seems to be in meditation. On seeing the blissful smile on their face, they seem to have attained the apex and supremity so as the head of the serpent is at the top.
Use this brass-made kalasha as a flower vase in your living room or side tables, as a pen stand, to store your coin collections, and in your mediation room. It’s also good to go with ceremonies related to goddess Shakthi and Nagapanchami.
Drop a coin every day in this Kalasha after a productive day and count them at the month end to track the progress you make to reach your short and long-term goals.

Weight 2 kg