athepoo- a brass antique gold lord murugar statue
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Athepoo, is a label born out of love for our age-old tradition to create high quality, environmentally sensitive, traditional, and contemporary products derived from India’s rich art and tradition Our mission is to keep Indian traditional craftsmanship alive.

Behind every piece is a mastery of craftsmanship by expert hands and each product is an expression of tradition and heritage values.

Who we are

Our Story

Discover with us a timeless range of products where tradition meets beauty to celebrate Indian arts and crafts. We are determined to deliver unique selection of adorable home decor products, handpicked from the best craftsmen all over India, with a touch of love and tradition, we ensure every product you find on Athepoo is distinct in its own style. Enhance the interior beauty of your house and make a unique style statement with our traditional decorative items.

Buying a Athepoo product, you encourage creations of rural livelihood as well as celebrate the timeless beauty of Indian art!


Our Mission

Athepoo aims at transforming  living spaces into sanctuaries of individual expression, offering handcrafted home décor that fuses timeless traditions with contemporary elegance. And we are dedicated to exceeding expectations with unmatched quality and exceptional customer care, fostering a haven of luxury and personalised expression within your home.

We Strive to:
  • Sustain and revitalize traditional craft practices through fair trade and ethical sourcing.
  • Empower artisans by providing them with sustainable income opportunities and fostering their creativity.
  • Create high-quality, handcrafted products that reflect the cultural diversity and artistic talent of India.
  • Promote cultural appreciation and understanding by sharing the stories and traditions behind our products.
  • Make handcrafted goods accessible to a wider audience and inspire a global appreciation for Indian crafts.
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Athepoo-Task Uruli(16x16x17.5)
Athepoo-a brass brown buddha statue
a brass ganesh trunk statue-athepoo
Athepoo-Kathputli (16x5x5)
Athepoo-Ganesh arathi (8.5x5x1.5)

Our Vision

To be the world’s leading destination for handcrafted luxury home décor, where artistry meets sustainability and tradition thrives in a modern world.

We envision a future where:
  • Every home embraces the beauty and craftsmanship of Indian heritage.
  • Luxury is redefined by ethical production and sustainable practices.
  • Artisans are empowered and their skills celebrated globally.
  • Athepoo becomes synonymous with unparalleled quality and timeless design.
  • Through our unwavering dedication to these values, we aspire to inspire a global appreciation for Indian craftsmanship and its enduring legacy


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