Maintanence of brass products

Regular dusting

  • As the metal in brass have the natural property to get oxidised when exposed to sun and moisture present in the atmosphere. Regular dusting is must

Make your own cleaner

  • Cut a lemon into half and sprinkle salt over it. Rub the surface of brass with it, squeezing lemon and sprinkling more salt as required. Now wipe with soft clothtill it shine.

Store bought cleaners

  • These brass cleaners usually contain soft detergents and solvents that can remove the dullness from the surface. It even has mild abrasives that polish the surface and oils that prevent oxidation.However, while using chemical cleaner, use soft cloth.
Maintenance of wood products:
  • Keep Your Wood Clean
  • dust them regularly with soft cloth
  • if you have a spot that is heavily soiled or sticky, dip a cloth in water with mild detergent. Wring it out as much as possible and gently wipe the area. Do it again with just water, then immediately wipe with a soft dry cloth.