During ceremonies, the practice of ritualistic baths has its own significance. This is usually done using Salladai/ Sieve on which precious items such as gold, Navarathna, and flowers are placed. There is a belief that the water element gets cleansed and gains a positive vibe when it passes through the pores of Sieve with all these precious items. Vedic texts say, brass as a metal, attracts positivity and abundance in life, which is an added advantage of using our brass Sieve.
Often this is given to the newly wedded, along with the other gift sets which symbolizes that the couple being married are expected to work together to wash off the negative traits and retain positivity, and peace for the rest of their life.

Use this brass-made, hammered Sieve with uniquely designed straight split pores, for functions such as Ritusuddhi (puberty ceremony), Haldi, marriage, Shashti Poorti for the bathing ritual, and also with our Seetha set to make the gifts look fulfilled. Add this to your antique, traditional collections, use it as a fruit basket, to filter steamed rice, or as a breathable bung for perishables storage.

Weight 2 kg