The game thayakattam is four-handed game each player has one hand with twelve squares. Two or four players Play with four coins each, each player is allowed a move if only puts thayam (the count of one on dice).

From being popular since the days of Mahabharata to being a part of your old memories, the dice game is the best fit for a joyful evening.

This dice game by Athepoo has an antique look touched by red and green colors. The beautiful wooden dice game is not just a fun element but will also belong well amidst your classical home decor.

This product is handmade and there may be slight irregularities and minor differences This is a natural outcome of the hand-crafting process and it’s not a defect but adds to the charm of the product. The colors seen in the image may vary from the actual product due to different computer screen resolutions and displays.

Weight 3 kg